I Lost the World

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

I woke Up this morning and I lost the world,
Where did It go?
When I went to sleep it was right there,
looked in between the cushions of the couch,
The reason being neglect did it leave?
Maybe I was mean, I hope I find it
Maybe it because my room is a mess,
It's stressing me out wrecking my brain,
My heads only down because i'm looking for change,
Im only humane was it my fibs?
Flip the house upside down stalagmites to stalactites
Im caving in,
Turned it inside out reverse engineered,
To no avail,
Checked my coat pockets, my back pack,
My pants, Like a hammer to a nail a Big Bang
It hit me at a glance,
This whole time I was looking For the world,
It was write in my hands!!