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A Poem about the misconceptions of a leader, who is trying to lead the people who are following the wrong leader!

Just my Reflection

Pz-avatarby muse22 May 2016

Out of sight out of mind
I haven't look in the mirror in months
The Sayers of the sooth sensed
I'm selfish and the truth is
I've been thinking about myself to myself
and how to be a selfless influence
So I cut to the chase with multiple contusions
Through my art-array it's hard to say
Freedom of speech?
Well... Well I'm well aware that my where with all
is on borrowed days
So I had to e·val·u·ate
And I came to this conclusion
Stand my ground no matter what
To create a movement
Every one follows the leader and what ever he's doing
Caught in the race in confounded amusement
Some ones open the gate escape
from the labyrinth of illusions
Shucking and jiving showing and proving? No
I come from the bottom I'm showing improvement.