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This time is my second employment of playing with time pun intended.

This Time

Pz-avatarby muse23 May 2016

This Time It's unbelievable
Seeming So Solely when Inconceivable/
I can't imagine take that in account/
No concept of time A chasm
You cash in I'll take time it's the only thing that counts/
Insipid as risk it sit in just watch
On my wrist for minutes sucking time/
Ticking analog digits
First off Can I Get Second on
In a-bout
Fighting time but it won't counter clock/
Wise Attrition Man
Once upon a time young fool/
Wouldn't say I'm obsessed
But stuck On time Consumed/
With no further delay shall I say ado/
Tardiness nah Not first but the latest
Big Time You can Assume/
As far as I'm concerned Not a near worry
I presume/
It's assign Denoted was it an era?
Pondering for ever Focused/
I took time For myself Deep down
In the Depths Of my mind Searching
For lost time the results? Circles
Therefore I'll be a round
The world in 24 flat One day renowned/
Reverberate or verbally permeate resound/
Internally propagate populace the underground/
Then surface/
This Time what I found
Perfect /
you've payed time for worthless/
It it's worth less this time
A designated Design/
Trying to understand what It Is
Because It Takes Time/
I may need rest Up but I decline/
I could go on forever but I'm over-Time.