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Something for people be inspired through adversity

The road never traveled

Pz-avatarby muse05 Jun 2016

I woke up today wondering why everything hurts/
I took the road never traveled /
I happen to be the first/ Through the door in light chasing shadows in the dark it was worse/ The path of most resistance the distance drive that's how it works/
ambition determination and commitment employ your worth/
in my search/
arguably no dispute been refute and disdained/ abhorred because I contra the ordinary contrary to what's been saying/
I took the road never traveled/
the high road the freeway/
the path most resistant which consist of no leeway/
No leaders of consistence no reference to refer too/
reverence from virtuous virtuosity a virtue/ virtually reality unreal what I'm close to/ I see it before it happens with know I told you's/
true? who told who as I trot through the babbles/ the path of most resistance the road never traveled/