!@#Reader Discretion Advised#@!

Pz-avatarby muse07 Jul 2016

The Person who provokes thought
should brace for an onslaught/
I know thats what I said
Ten thousand hours I practice patients/
Now I'm weightless/
Was a slippery slope thus I stuck to the basics/
This Express I deliver the Galaxy Ispaceship/
My literature literally comes from the lesson of Thoth/
Scholarship cold calls
At least thats what I thought/
At most I didn't think/
Wim Hof
An idiot servant at being an idiot of course/
The source combined it/
The science in God
Gods in the Science/
Engineered every mind at its finest/
Resolve Nothing to prove/
I was intelligently ignorant
I didn't know what I couldn't do/
Such bliss
Some one stop please stop me/
Im off in a corner trying to understand fibonacci/
Lock key and throw it/
I'm not leaving this **** room until I know it/
Pardon My French
If you notice/
A consumate contemplater yes I lament/
OK i'm bracing.