Who is she?

Pz-avatarby muse16 Jul 2016

Who is she?
Hey What, Who is she?
She huant's my nightmares
seduces my dreams,
Consoles my soul striped my spirit clean,
stone cold to the bone when
she's not 100 million degrees,
Curtains for certain she can lie like rug,
with all these caged in {BURDENS}
It can't be L O V E,
Who The hell is she?
From her heavenly chalice
I've sipped blood,
I can't see her face only a silhouette,
Wake up screaming ahhhhhhhh,
Pillow soaking wet from tears and sweat,
I ask this question
while simultaneously I try to forget,
Good and bad no show of emotion or regret,
Who is she you ask,
I confess I knew the whole time,
who she was since the first line,
A bitch name life one bitch im glad thats mine!!!