Theoretically spoken

Pz-avatarby muse20 Jul 2016

It cost nothing to make your presence felt/ I put my money where my mouth is, speak from the heart and this..... I present my wealth/
theoretically imagine fashion/ into existence fathom/ for if not envisioned it never happens/ what's being realistic I'm asking/ answer boundaries limits fasten/ yourself to belief forever lasting/ identify pursue conquest grasp it/although the outlook bleak defeat it doesn't matter/ you can whine or climb I suggest choose the ladder/ or the latest/ I forbid you shall not forsake this/ it's evident they need evidence exhibit A your greatness/you give everything you got tell them here take this/ they give negative feedback relax be come e·va·sive/ maneuver manipulate shift originate anticipate twist/ their views until they see as you do prove/ by the graces/ zoom to the moon with the stars just like spaceship/ Spoken word theoretically except I didn't say shhhhh!