The most hated race

Pz-avatarby muse21 Jul 2016

What gives this is something I just can't take finally looked in the mirror and recognized I'm apart of the most hated race/ black lives matter when a white cop shoots a black man in face/ It never matters when we do it to each other it's rather ok/ I'm just saying what I see you can say what you say/ we can agree to disagree the decree we still slaves/ to a system we victims to the transatlantic trade/ To a degree no one to blame now, we're blocking our own way/ opportunity knocks but we stuck in that ol maze/ it's not like back in the day yet still in the same phase/ I tried not to write this it's been lingering for days/ why'd Harriet walk so far how come Fredrick said hey!/ that's not how it should be/ we know Martin had dreamed/ Malcolm by any means/ 400 years you see/ they just wanted to be free/ What they fought for at that time is promptly upon us/ I oppose riots protest and violence to fight back seek knowledge/ Relay that to the kids so they can understand the science/ as to acclimate any climate/ alliance to survive this/ Visually loud a silence/ we hate each other we are misguided!