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Usually I think of the first line then I go from there.

Search Engine.

Pz-avatarby muse15 May 2014

Am I moving really fast
Or is everyone moving really slow?
Won't brake but I'm trying to bend
the time space continuum,
But I'm impatient I had
to give time some time,
I was in a maze the search engine oblivi-on,
When I thought I had it
I just lolly gaged it,
choked on procrastination,
Evoked madness,
My ideas was clamored,
Tightly coiled,
crazy intentions loco motive,
Aluminum foil was the conductor,
To link my train of thoughts,
When I was flustered,
I mustard all my energy
Just to catch up, my ammunition,
I've been schooled with,
all these definitions,
In lieu with
this vocabulary,
i've been frugal with,
I didn't write none of this,
I just googled it!!