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Blind glory is about ignoring whats in front of you.

Blind Glory!!

Pz-avatarby muse19 May 2014

The Day of the Sun begins with strength,
The Sabbath day ends with week,
Rest no not for the weary,
Flurries are Blind Glory shines at its peak,
Shallow Valleys River beds and water streams,
Dark shadows Black holes light nope not a peep,
Lively avenues cemented, Connected two dead end streets,
Illusions an Inceptions appearance are transparent,
First Impressions are false Its apparent,
We need seconds,
More minutes hours Days of reflecting,
Mother nature Father time parents of assessment,
Intervene a Child of Devine Intervention,
So we don't miss the mix directions misconceptions misconstrue,
The fool plays as he is the fool to elude,
Given a inch take a mile no exceptions to the Rule!!!!