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The thought of thoughts HMMMM??

A Man Died Pondering Infinity!!

Pz-avatarby muse27 May 2014

A Man Died Pondering Infinity!!
Things in motion stay in motion
My devotion doesn't quite,
It keeps moving like the ocean
Its a reverse universe
I fell up into a bottomless pit,
It's deep,
Whoa!!! this life is Immense,
If money was a drink,
Every one would chase the dollar
It's only common sense,
But common sense is uncommon
A currency glitch,
and Currently since
the bulb in my head just lit,
It's been electric,
When that currency hits,
Sunlight for the pic
Flash, the new photosynthesis,
Choices made products from the decision is,
Either by chance or life's algorithm its,
The enigma division divided with
guided precision,
I tried to suspended my feelings
even our emotions are endless,
Sporadic tantrums balance with comprised manners,
It tics and it tocs (sigh) yes just like a clock,
Its Infinity the thought of thoughts
can make your mind go pop,
Trying to grasp the thought of
what if everything just stopped!!!!