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I am trying different things with this poem. I wan't to show another side of my emotion.

Beverage anyone?

Pz-avatarby muse23 Apr 2015

Picture this similar to a beverage,
For what it is you gotta capsule it
In it's moments of expression,
The way she used me like a tool
Damn near heart wrenching,
Now I got some screws loose
And I'm far fetching,
Stick to the plan
When the steaks are high,
If it doesn't pan
Rarely do I bleed,
When you take love away
It's equal to a disease,
It infects every nook and cranny of your very being,
Everyone's around
But it's like not being seen
or lost at sea,
sails up no breeze,
Thats not cool it's like a million fucking degrees,
Than I caught wind,
Thats what she said,
Im surrounded by water and cant even drink it,
Its vindictive
Good Ol love
Just like a beverage get the picture?