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Just explaining the creative journey in my brain.


Pz-avatarby muse25 Apr 2015

ATTENTION not at all at ease,
In fact a bit peeved
Also intrigued,
Lost in the lab-ruh-tawr-ee,
I think it's time I leave
Time I go
And Im going no where
No where slow,
Progress huh?
Im running out of options
Life's line dead line
My mind is like a coal mine,
or a gold mine
With a goal in mind
Depending how you mine it,
I reinvent than refine it,
an alphabet scientist,
this is a numbers game
Now wondering
If I can make it timeless,
I've got my goggles on
beaker Bunsen burner
Lab coat my work place a mess,
In the lab trying to create the
Formula to success.