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this is a really personal text, but it's true and I wrote it how my heart told me to wrote.

will you hurt me even more now?

Pz-avatarby jasmine25 Oct 2019

I deleted you
from my mind first, that was not that hard
when I had to delete you from my heart, it hurts even more
then I got over you and I still was dreaming of us together
I had to delete the things we did together
I got over you and lost my happiness
I was really sad, I cried for our past
of course I didn’t tell anyone, because they thought i was happy and okay
but I was not
I got a message from a person and I opened the message
the message said “Are you mad at me, because I just want to know why”
I wanted to write a really long message but I didn’t
I texted “No i'm not, just disappointed at you”
you texted me again, I hoped you texted “I miss you” but you wrote
“I want you back, back in my life as before, i’m sorry for being an asshole”
I started to feel something again
I wanted you like really
but is it good for me
will you hurt me again or even more
if you want me back, then fight for me as much as you can, so you can prove it
to me
to my heart
then I will be with you
be with you forever.