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This poem was written on the first day of 2014. We often perceive a new year as a chance to begin anew while reflecting on the highs and lows of the year that has past. My New Year's wish for each and everyone of us is that we see each day as a new beginning and choose to accentuate the positive. Please enjoy and remember to be gentle on yourselves.

A Clean Slate

6b7e2884e1a0da7cdb410bd5f2cc3e4aby Jessica Taylor02 Jan 2014

Pitter patter
The sound of rain
Feel no pain
Another chance to start again
Pitter patter
Erase the stains
Don't look at me with such disdain
What's done is done
Charred remains
Echo on my window pane
With the pitter patter
Of this new year's rain

Jessica Taylor © 2014