A Resilient People

6b7e2884e1a0da7cdb410bd5f2cc3e4aby Jessica Taylor04 Jun 2014

A resilient people
From the ashes we rise
A song on our lips
Fire in our eyes
Battered and bruised
Oft despised
There will be no compromise

Surging forward
Marching as one
An indomitable spirit
Driving us on
We are all we need
To nothing we conform
This is how the west was won

To you we are lost
We dare not be found
You win the battle
We wear the crown
Generations apart
Tapestry undone
Head in the sand
Nowhere to run

A resilient people
We stand and we fight
For the right to be wrong
For the wrongs to be right
Such power in our hands
Awed by our might
Freedom prevails
Victory in sight...

Jessica Taylor © 2014