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Words by Jon Corelis, translated from the Middle High German of Konrad von Würzburg, with the original melody. The audio link gives a simple, unaccompanied monadic sound file with flute simulating vocal.

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Song: Winter by Konrad von Würzburg

Jcorelis3by Jon Corelis13 Sep 2013

Winter withers all the meadow’s flowers,
and the frozen hours
paint the woodlands pale:
as the snowfalls thicken,
lindens cast their stricken
branches stark against the season’s whiteness.

Yet I mourn this barrenness less sadly
than I grieve how badly
Shame and Honor fail:
Honor’s stream runs shallow,
Virtue’s field lies fallow,
no heart seeks to cull the rose of rightness.

The spring restores the leaves and petals to the flowers on the thorn-hedge,

but the man whom wickedness has taken
and who has forsaken
Honor’s holy pledge
walks a path of sorrows,
nor can face tomorrow’s
gleaming dawn secure in manhood’s brightness.