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My translation, a little free, from the ancient Greek of Sappho. The Audio links to a rather experimental musical setting (with instrument to simulate vocal) for this.

Please note that my translations are copyrighted material even if the originals are in the public domain, and thus may not be reproduced without permission. For permission conditions, please see:

Sappho: Ode to Aphrodite

Jcorelis3by Jon Corelis13 Sep 2013

Aphrodite, immortal, enthroned in wonder,
Sky-daughter, webstress of schemes, I entreat you
not to break my spirit with pangs of anguish,
Queen, Lady, Mother,

but now come to me, if in the past you ever
also heeded me when I cried from afar, and,
leaving behind the golden house of your father
Zeus, you descended

borne in a chariot yoked to a flock of lovely
sparrows flying fast over earth’s black richness,
thickly fluttering wings leading you a passage
through bright mid-heaven,

soon arriving, and you, O supreme in blessing,
eternity’s smile gleaming from your expression,
asked me now this time what again I suffered,
what did I pray for,

what beyond all else I would want to happen
with all my love-maddened heart: “Who now needs persuasion
to be led back to your affection? Who is it,
Sappho, who hurts you?

Though she now may run, she will soon pursue you;
now she may spurn gifts, but she soon will give them;
now she feels no love, but she soon will feel it,
even unwilling.”

Coming this time again, act as my deliveress;
unwind this mastering pain; become fulfiller
of everything that my passion hopes for: take your
stand as my ally.