Current events

Jcorelis3by Jon Corelis28 Oct 2013

So I go down to City Hall to answer my summons
only when I get there it’s not City Hall any more,

it’s some kind of castle with towers
and bridges and stuff like that,
only when I look close it’s all made out of
lightweight plastic and cardboard.

So I try to take the elevator but when the door opens
it’s jam-packed with people,

and they’re all milling around mumbling and looking down
like something had happened they don’t want to talk about.

So I ask this cop by the door what’s going on and he says,
"We got a problem, the King is psychotic."

So I decide to get out of there and I go out on the street
and take out a dollar for the bus,

but when I look at it George Washington’s face is getting all brown
and curled like it was burning,

only it’s not burning it’s getting old real fast
like in a speeded-up movie,

and the flesh on his face gets so old that it rots and falls away
and there’s nothing but his skull and it winks at me,

and I’m like, Whoa, what’s happening, since I never knew that a skull
could wink without any eyes,

but everyone else is walking down the street like normal
so I guess everything is OK.

But I’m really freaked out when I get on the bus
and the driver says to me,

"They’re going to kill us like mosquitos on the wall,
there’ll be nothing but splotches of blood left."