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This poem is about the intrusive thoughts that are associated with OCD and PTSD. These thoughts can take you to the darkest place and cause deep depression and anxiety.

Intrusive Thoughts

19941540_coverby Jean Aked16 Aug 2014

There are thoughts that make you tremble,
Thoughts that you can't say,
Thoughts that never leave you --
Night or day.

Intrusive -- you don't want them.
Intrusive -- will not go away.
Intrusive -- they are always with you
Night and day.

You feel the anger rising,
You want to swear and scream;
You need to waken from this
As if it were a dream.

Hold on, hope is eternal,
These thoughts will go away;
There won't always be darkness --
On the brightest day.

Emerging from this nightmare,
Free from the despair,
Lightness reappearing --
Finally breathing air.