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The wonderful poems of Rose Fyleman inspired me to try and write a poem for children.

There Are Fairies In My Garden

19941540_coverby Jean Aked24 Aug 2014

There are fairies in my garden,
They wander everywhere;
If you believe in fairies,
You are sure to see them there.

Busy just like buzzy bees
And working hard like ants;
They dust the spider webs for me
And decorate my plants.

They are busiest in the mornings,
Afternoons they dance and play;
They are sleepy in the evenings
So they run and hide away.

Mischievous just like little imps,
They'll play a trick on you;
They love frogs and all the insects,
They love little children too.

I say good morning to them
And wish them a happy day;
They come and say goodnight to me
Before they hide away.

So if you believe in fairies
They will visit you to play;
They'll make your garden colourful
And never go away.