The Dragon

19941540_coverby Jean Aked26 Aug 2014

With breath of fire and clumsy feet,
The dragon padded down the street;
All he wanted to do was play
But every child just ran away.

All dragons should be fierce you know,
But many tears of sadness flowed;
He saw the children gripped with fear,
And wiped away another tear.

An escaped tiger from the zoo
Had visions of a children stew;
He went straight to the playing ground,
Then crouched and watched without a sound.

The dragon, when he saw him there,
Breathed fiery breath into the air;
He stamped his feet and swished his tail,
Which turned the tiger rather pale.

The tiger fled back to the zoo,
The children ran to you know who;
Now dragon joins in all the games
And even has a human name.