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Lines 1 and 2: I was thinking of those who fell in battle and of poppy petals that have fallen. Poppies have a lack of fragrance but death does have an odour.

Lines 3 and 4: Poppies grew on the devastated battlefields of WWI. The fields that were red with blood then are still red because of the poppies.

Lines 7 and 8: At some weddings people use natural petal confetti which is made from freeze-dried flower petals and is completely biodegradeable.


19941540_coverby Jean Aked10 Sep 2014

Fallen and carried with the breeze,
The scent of death across the seas.

Petals flowing like blood once shed
On barren ground still painted red.

Dropping, as tears in floods and tides,
To fields of battle where soldiers died.

Fluttering to earth, a heavenly show:
Confetti on coffins and graves below.