A Friendly Troll

19941540_coverby Jean Aked07 Dec 2014

A troll has moved into my garden,
He loiters by the old oak tree;
I stare out of the window at him
And he peers back at me.

For a troll he seems quite friendly,
Trundling here and there;
I have grown rather fond of him
He doesn’t have a care.

The squirrels are wary of him
Though he doesn’t mean them harm;
He watches where they bury nuts
Then digs them out of the ground.

He gets on well with toads from the pond,
They seem to find him fun;
He plays with them at nighttime,
And hides away from the sun.

He likes to sleep with the hedgehogs
On a pile of leaves behind the shed;
I’ve made a cover for him
So he’ll have a warm, dry bed.

I turn somersaults to please him,
Hoping he won’t go away;
I’m sure that if I feed him well
He’s always going to stay.