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A poem about true love

My Love

2e687f16813387fc884b79e193b12ae7by Jeanne Fiedler 06 Aug 2015

My love for you
is so deep and painful
It feels like roses
dropping from my
inner heart
The petals' softness
and scent likened
to the harmony and beauty
you bring to my life
I roamed and roamed
for someone like you
My wanderlust exhausted
until you knocked on my door
You give me strength
You bring me humor
You turn me upside down
around and shake me up
with wellsprings of water
the fountains fall
gracefully and musically
You hold my hand
and kiss it - making
me feel warm and kindled
inside - the flame stirring
all around me - the stars
twinkling up and down
I want to be with you
all the time - I want you
to feel as I feel
Combined to make that
wholeness complete
Two independent souls
dependent as one