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How the sadness of summer gone leaves us as we hope for good things in the new season

Autumn Sundance

2e687f16813387fc884b79e193b12ae7by Jeanne Fiedler 08 Oct 2015

The shudder of autumn
dark and light
sun vibes and mystical
The harvesting and great
reaping of an enlightened life
moving on to a clearing and
a cleaning, to a watchful
observation where secrets
are revealed
The brightened leaves
are scattered around to us
like students receiving a new
We sigh, knowing the cold
storms stir at our doors
But for a magic moment,
understand that autumn wishes
us to prosper, to start to get
ready to go back where we've
come from
orange lanterns leading us
through the bare passageways
Be bold, be colorful
Bring your softness to the
enlivened trees, greet the
moonlit nights, we have grown
The love of the earth
summer kissed into vague but
beautiful memories
Bringing us the yellow, orange, red
the flames of comfort, peace and calm
A happy time to spend our last years
in a bonfire of kinship