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To have given your all, to have been only asked for more and left empty


Windartby JKarasu29 Dec 2013

The breeze now wind, bitter cold
Cutting through all day long
like shrapnel through skin pores
played a fool to be fooled by self alone
what and why, who am I to play along
Two three words a smile and there I go
I fail, I fall, with no wings to take me home
Taste me smell me and am done bieng explored
I’ll become old news before the next song
Why would I hold, my heart on a sleeve where it can’t belong
To the shirt, button, shoelace or soul
I am just another day, another card to be played
A piece of your soul you gave away
Another piece, another pawn on the board game
Before I know it, its checkmate
And with my prize the queen walks away
And once again
Its just me, another dead story on the drawing board
Crowned shattered glass in a dillusioned world
Half alive unrealistic thought
Ready to fade and become your Nothing once more