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Tribute to George Michael

George Michael

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood28 Jan 2017

'Wake me up before you go go' you sang on the way to 'Club Tropicana'.
You chose life, dancing anyway in spite of 'careless whisper'.
'I'm your man' you declared but 'I can't make you love me' though I'll be loving you 'always'.
A 'father figure', you encouraged us to go 'outside' and find our 'freedom', to always have 'one more try' at 'spinning the wheel' of life.
You walked with 'cowboys and angels', spent time with 'star people' but they were never 'kissing a fool'.
'Don't let the sun go down on me' you prayed and your 'faith' surely bathed you in 'white light' when you were greeted with a smile from 'Jesus to a child'.
This was your 'last Christmas' George, you told us you were 'through' and we are all getting 'older' but we are still 'praying for time'.