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On watching my son painstakingly save a bumble bee.

You saved a bee

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood31 Jan 2017

You saved a bee ... that said so much to me.

Drowsy, dry and debilitated the bee lay on the stone.
Seeing his need for nutrition you decide not to leave him alone.
Stirring sugar-water into artificial nectar you make yourself busy.
You place it near him, he tries to drink but he is clearly dizzy.
You snap a stem of conifer, dousing every leaf.
Lay it slightly under Bumble, hoping for his relief.
He is smart, understands you and promptly drinks his fill.
It's amazing how creatures communicate, if there's a way and a will.
You sit him in a honeysuckle, a favourite with his brothers.
It starts to rain, you protect him, with a canopy of covers.
Watching fervently, willing him on, standing close by.
You're rewarded for your patience when you see your Bumble fly.

You saved a bee ... that said so much to me.