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When my son left for University.

Flying the nest

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood17 Feb 2017

He's flown the nest at his behest.
Another test to curb my rest.
University does beckon.
On his potential I do reckon.
Proud to see him grasp his independence.
Can't help but feel a touch of dissonance.
All rites of passage are both bitter and sweet.
Still, on many paths ahead, my son and I shall meet.
Godspeed my playmate, sonshine and joy.
Those adventures are yours now, we read mum and boy.
I am proud of the man that my eyes now rest upon.
Yet, I still see the boy shadowed within my son.
Go forward, go onwards, embrace all life brings.
I'll be watching, supporting, with outstretched wings.