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I wrote this for my Granddaughter for her Naming Day.

Let you be you

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood15 Oct 2017

Watch in wonder, listen with care.
As its teachings this world lays bare.
Run, skip, jump, dance!
Make the most of every chance.
For every creature show concern.
From each other you will learn.
Laugh, smile, giggle with glee.
Let your spirit always fly free.
Every time you make a stand.
May courage always hold your hand.
Be kind, patient, strong, serene.
Harness positivity, live your dream.
Let wisdom inform your every choice.
May people truly hear your voice.
Take all your challenges in your stride.
In your achievements feel such pride.
Reflect, question, be self-aware.
Be as bold as you dare!
May tenacity and passion your life enhance.
Fill your heart full of romance.
Experience joy for all kinds of reasons,
as you journey through your seasons.
To yourself always be true.
But most of all, let you be you!