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The importance of play in the modern world.


B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood10 Jun 2019

The importance of play may never be overstated.
It's status in child development so underrated.
How else may a person practise their manners.
Learn to take turns, become their life's planners.

No matter how trivial it may seem to others.
Bonds are made with friends, sisters and brothers.
Play teaches us kindness, kinship and caring.
Crucially instils the fine art of sharing.

Allows us to role-play, dabble in the arts.
Create, invent, play out our parts.
Makes science and maths games an education.
How else will we build a healthy, proud nation?

Encourage all persons, no matter how old.
To play with enthusiasm, always be bold.
Computer, board or games with a ball.
Whichever you choose, there's a place for all.

For building our muscles, honing our skills.
Expanding our minds, fighting off ills.
For holistic health, combat stress and strife.
Continue to play for the rest of your life.