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In frustration at the inequalities in the world. Angered by the senseless, brutal and criminal death of George Floyd in America.

Blacks and Whites

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood29 May 2020

Blacks and whites have the same rights,
to hear all sounds, see all sights,
to sleep safely at nights.

Blacks and whites risk the same stakes.
Are allowed to make mistakes.
Should get the same breaks.

Blacks and whites inherit equal share,
to breathe the same air.
Deserve the same care.

Blacks and whites each have a pulse rate,
live in the same state,
should safely integrate.

Blacks and whites are all born from a mother.
Desire to have a lover.
They're no different from each other.

Blacks and whites live under the same sun.
Want to raise their daughter and son.
Through an equal marathon run.

Blacks and whites by law have equal justice.
Let's ensure this due process.
So all the world can trust this.

Blacks and whites have the same rights!