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When we look back it is difficult to remember the last time we did things ...

When was the last time ...

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood15 Sep 2020

When was the last time I carried you to bed?
Tucked you in, kissed your head?
What was the last bedtime story I read?

When was the last time I supervised teeth brushing?
Helped you practise toilet flushing?
Or spent time 'lumpy bits' mushing?

When was the last time I washed your hair?
Brushed it with tender loving care?
I'd love to now, if only I'd dare.

When was the last time we measured your height?
I calmed you when you woke with a fright?
We noted a milestone with such delight?

When was the last time the tooth fairy came?
We placed your school photo in a frame?
What was the last thing I labelled with your name?

When was the last time you ran in to my call?
I 'magic kissed' your wounds after a fall?
Proudly placed your artistry on a wall?

Each day could be a last time for something we treasure.
A tiny joy or chore that brings so much pleasure.
Although, memories will last through time without measure.