Bride and Groom

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood11 Nov 2014

Tailcoat and tiara,
cufflinks and mascara.
Vows said in front of others,
parents, friends, sisters, brothers.

You walk back up the aisle,
smiles broader than a mile.
Confetti sticks to eyelashes.
Bridesmaids colourful in sashes.

Groomsmen, proud, stand in a line.
Bride and maids all look sublime.
Camera and smiles together flash.
In vintage car to reception you dash.

Father and Best man clink their toasts.
Groom of his beautiful Bride boasts.
Guests drink wine and happily dine.
Wishing you joy till the end of time.

Shoes of grey and satin with pearl,
in bridal gown and suit you twirl.
This wonderful masquerade,
from your memories will never fade.