My Daughter - Bride to be

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood12 Nov 2014

Oh my goodness can it be true?
Something borrowed, something blue.
Your toes trying a satin shoe.

Just yesterday as a babe I rocked you.
My hand knitted bootees socked you.
In bibs and frilly dresses frocked you.

We tickled, giggled and laughed together.
Skipped and picnicked amongst the heather.
Twirled parasols whatever the weather.

Throughout the seasons we did play.
Snow angels in winter, garlands in May.
Oh my daughter what can I say? It's soon
to be your wedding day.

Quickly from girl to woman you've grown.
What strength and personality you've shown.
As I blink, you stand before me.
My daughter, the radiant, Bride to be.