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This was one of those very special days you look back on misty eyed and smiling. Taking my daughter to choose her wedding dress.

My Bridal Gown

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood13 Nov 2014

I'm going to Town to choose my bridal gown.
What a wonderful day, fairy princess I'll play.
I've relished this role since my groom's heart I stole.

In shop window I gaze, my mind in a haze.
Lace, satin, tulle and tresses, oh so many dresses!
White, ivory and cream, this all feels like a dream.
My choice is made clear when I see mother's tear.

In my finery I'll flounce, how my groom's heart will bounce.
Tiara crowns me in glory, a heroine made for this love story.

Enrobed thus, I will dance, my heart filled with romance.
With scooped up train I'll twirl as I did when just a girl.

My glittering veil cascading, the memory never fading.
I'll add borrowed and blue, our love will be ever true.
Today I carry home from Town, my beautiful bridal gown.