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Reflection on nursing the dying.


B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood21 Nov 2014

We met late in life you and I.
Late in yours.
Early in mine.
I was young, newly qualified.
You already pronounced terminal
before our eyes first locked.
What a bond was formed.
We both had our roles to play.
You stoic, brave for your family.
I always in control -
my first case in charge.
Determined you would have the perfect death.
What would that be exactly?
Pain free of course and comfortable,
above all dignified.
But I craved more for you.
A fearless adventure,
me at the helm
but you chief explorer.
You left the room that day,
but you never left me.
You taught me so much.
Mainly how to die with dignity.
You made us brave,
those you left behind.
I imagine you venturing forth
from the confines of your sick bed,
wretched death bed.
Renewed, strengthened, wiser.
It comforts me to see you thus.
I no longer dread thoughts of you
but smile at the memory.