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I dedicate this collection of poems to my daughter Bethany - the most radiant bride I ever saw and Mark ... my groom - all those years ago.

Wedding Album

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood16 Dec 2014

Ushers dash, colours clash, cameras flash.

Babies wriggle, children giggle, bridesmaids wiggle.

Grimace, grin or smile, just stand still for a while!

People fuss and hurry beneath a confetti flurry.

Let's stand you in a line, this wedding to define.

Hats big and small, those heels could make you fall!

Some tall and some smaller, let's get you all in order.

That's it! all say "cheese", here comes a gust or breeze!

Bridal veil floats in the air, mother settles it with care.

Now we're almost ready, eyes forward, smiles steady.

Surely this will become, the perfect wedding album!