The Cauldron

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood12 Jan 2015

Into the cauldron throw all your fears.
Mix them together with a jug full of tears.

With pestle and mortar crush hatred into paste.
Add to the mixture with bitterness to taste.

Chop up your anger then let it slowly dissolve.
To succeed with this recipe you must set your resolve.

Whisk up your prejudices into a batter.
Previous jealousies no longer matter.

Boil up envy and regrets into a stock.
Your culinary skills no-one will mock.

With patience and kindness let the pot simmer.
Add courage and strength to fortify your dinner.

Sprinkle in humility, tenderness and care.
Garnish with empathy and tolerance to share.

Wash your hands cleanly, it's time to serve.
This dish made with love is what you deserve.

Fill up your bowls evenly with a ladle.
Carefully bring this true food to your table.