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Reflections on the elements.

Where the Earth meets the Sky

B1n5kwmccaarnxiby Jeannette Heywood20 Jan 2015

Where the earth meets the sky, we shall walk you and I.
Seagulls soar and caw, the scavengers of the shore.
Waves crashing rocks, with foamy, frothy heads.
Currents whirl and drag creatures from sea beds.
They are carried on the tide, on the beach they now reside

Where the land meets the sea, is the place I long to be.
Our names etched into sand, salty kisses I demand.
Sea blue? Sky blue? between them I can't distinguish.
Opening my arms wide, every worry I relinquish.
How wonderful to dwell where the water loves to swell.

Along the horizon boats seafaring, fishermen pots and nets preparing.
Beneath the waves fish swim in myriad.
Puffins and cormorants make the best catch they've ever had.
Rock pools teeming with crabs, delighting every child.
We make the most of paddling whilst the weather is so mild.

The sand dunes rise above us, we struggle to the top.
We're rewarded with a sunset that makes our hearts stop.
Orange is emblazoned vividly across cloud.
The sun displays it's treasure to the world of which it's proud.
A canopy of stars will light our way soon, they celebrate the arrival of our beauteous moon.

The lighthouse twinkles in the night sky, protecting all around.
We no longer see the sea but who can deny that sound?
That glorious noise that draws us from near or from afar.
To be closer to these elements that remind us who we are.
So the day may be over but shortly we shall return.
For the place where the earth meets the sky we always yearn.