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2013-08-29_21.55.10by Julie Murphy11 Aug 2015

All I really want in life
Is to go back to my normal self
To be the person I used to be
Without the worry of my mental health

Im gonna share a secret with you
More of a sorta confession
My self worth and sanity
Has been stolen by depression

It started with staying in
Not wanting to socialize
Isolated from family and friends
Yet they were quick to critisize

I wanted to do things my way
I felt better on my own
I missed important appointments
I wished I had a clone

I stopped sleeping at night
Which of course, only made me worse
I sunk deeper into depression
And into tears I would burst

Lack of sleep took over
My head was buried in the sand
Things went from bad to worse
And there was no one
To hold my hand

People stopped calling me
Their visits then no more
They saw the empty space
In the heart my
Sleeve once wore

Im still trying to get better
Its easier with each new day
I was too proud, to ask for help
Its not an easy thing to say

Im feeling good about myself today
As I wrote this to share with you
To try help you understand
Depression is more than feeling blue

The next person you hear of with this
Could be someone close to your heart
How do you think they would feel?
If someone tore them apart