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I hope my readers like my work, I am positive most people could relate to not just this peice but all my work.

I dedicate this to all my readers who can relate.

When Love is love ​How can you tell when love is love? ​​​And how do you know its real? That's what I've been asking myself But you can't mistake how you feel. I thought that I had loved before thought what I felt was true, till it all went wrong and ended bad then it was one not two. If that didn't happen and I hadn't been hurt I wouldn't have learned from mistakes, I wouldn't be feeling the way I am now and I know this time isn't fake. The way I feel is like nothing before A tummy full of butterflies kinda thing, Love has to be love when u feel like that It makes u wanna stand up and just sing. I wanna spend every second with you And that has never been me, I've always depended on no one but I, But with you it comes so natrually I need you by my side as much As you possibly could be, I'm now beginning to know when love is love You make me clearly see. For those of you who's not to sure Sit and think a while, For you all of you that don't need to think I can say to you with a smile. That love is love for you no doubt, bet you feel the way I do, For those who had to rack their brain Well, one day you WILL feel it too For love is love when it comes from the heart And more if its a mutual thing, So what are u reading this for Get out and buy that ring Love is like an expensive diamond rare and hard to find, Make love feel so safe and secure and and never play games with it's mind. Always tell them how much they mean, carpe diem is what I say, because tomorrow might never come so try say how you feel today.

2013-08-29_21.55.10by Julie Murphy02 Dec 2013