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My story

2013-08-29_21.55.10by Julie Murphy27 Nov 2014

I feel like having a go
At whoever set my lifes path.
You've given me so much hurt
And left in the aftermath
Numerous abusers as a child
Then turned on by my mum
Who stuck by her husband
And threw me to the slums.
homes and called a liar
Was my life there after that
Then let home to the mum
To become nothing but a door mat
With kids of my own
Violent boyfriend took control
Broke my nose with his head
And I sink deeper into a hole
I kicked him out and depression hit
I couldnt take much more
My sister came in to 'help' me out
And I watched my kids walk out the door
Only one week it was meant to be
But "your not better" I was told
Confidence rock bottom
My heart is about to fold
I fought and fought
Till my girls came home
I had never in my life
Felt that way, broken and very alone
My eldest daughter wanted to stay
want to live with me
My family had poisoned her 12 yr old mind
As I was about to see
She wanted to live with her gran
The mother that still lived with 'him'
Not a thing I could do, her minds her own
And my mother acted on a whim
She sat my baby girl down
And told her in detail of what I said
About what her husband did to me
And put the word liar in my baby's head
My daughter hates me now
She believes her gran is golden
She told me I made it all up
And my world came folding
Anyone else I can take it from
I took it all for years
My mother knew what she was doing
By releasing my worst fears
My daughter call me a liar
Thats a weight I cannot take
I had to move away
Maybe this is really my fate
My baby comes to visit
And I refuse to let her go back
She really hates me sometimes
And I talk lots of flack
My sisters believe their dad
And wont speak to anymore
They all think im a liar
Which kills me to the core
One gets married in may next year
But im not invited to watch
I wont see her getting married
And I fall another notch
All I want is the truth to come out
But the game of waiting ive played too long
Good things are meant to come along
Why is it me always in the wrong?
Will I get a happy ever after?
Get the truth and my family to know?
Cant see it ever happening
I need to get out this low
For now I sit and i pray
That my daughter will cleary see
Everyone else did all the lying
And I was just being me