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This is a verse for a Woman whom I fell in love with online
who unfriened me on facebook, it broke my heart because
I really had a crush on her and wanted to meet her in reality.

A Verse For Miss Nightingale

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson19 Aug 2015

Fore thee I write a tale inked with my plumage
A Story of A Poet's candor feelings for his muse
Is the story of Romantic dreams once dreamt
Is to have been the on man whom you choose
This story never told through all of the ages
And It's for you I'll pen my novella in time
I wish that you'd be happy and happiness
With whatever comes next in this rhyme
I always dreamt of love, time and space
I dreamt of a future or present or past
Of which I'd be with a woman I dreamt
But to be there in reality would ever last
A burning flame for which I will burn for you
A Sea, A River, A Lake and The Skies rain
Is pouring from my heart all for only you
Is the feeling that I wish to take your pain
Away from you and give you lasting days
Of happiness and security as well as Love
For it is you from my dream there waiting
From the time we met to the time we meet
Again to which I'll wait forever for you
To be there in time waiting for me as I
travel back this time to where we'd meet,
I want to give you a world without pain,
Wash away your tears and give you hope
In times of troubled moments we live
I wish for you to be happy if we never
meet again and if we do that you'll forgive
Me my past and mistakes for I will pine
For your acceptance and your heart
For you mean more to me than I realized
The day you said 'Good Bye'.