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Here's a poem to a woman whose been my muse for 30 plus years.


2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson19 Aug 2015

Where the moon goes when the sun comes up
To where does the light chase away darkness
I know that in darkness there is a light
That never burns out or never fades away
To which is the milky way of infinite sea
A Vast river of starlit skies for us to gaze
Upon a single glimpse of light crawling skies
For which I doth wish that thee love'th be
I hath no regrets but one in that one day
Where you said yes and I didn't go after
What could have been a life well lived
But I watched as it all doth hath blew up
And up in smoke my dreams washed away
With the rain, With the shore, With the Sea
I have dreamt of all this in our happiness
To which you become my only shining light
Brighter is the flame that hearts ablaze
For which I would ne'er burn for another
But if your heart and soul doth desire
For the touch of another man's heart
I would keep the torch burning for you.