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About the first muse I have ever had.

Words For A Muse

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson19 Aug 2015

The words betray the meaning
Behind the screen of pictures
The films inspired by my words
The novel itself is still burning
I have this lit flame for you
The meaning of my poetry, prose
Is that it's a lifestyle I chose
And I Love You, you said, I heard
It leaves me with desire yearning
I want you to be mine and because
You Love Me and want to be Mine
So I write the stories that tell
Of A time when I saw you and fell
For your eyes have such a warmth
And your voice is that of an angel
I've Loved you with such a depth
And breadth of my very own being
Soul is full of vast emotions
Running through streams of a river
That runs together into an ocean
Of dreams, hopes and aspirations
That one day, you would be mine
I want to tell you this because
I want you to tell me a little tale
About the time I smiled and you saw
Me there smile so you smiled back
I know that you're crush did exist
My heart was so fast like an attack
I know and believe in what I saw
You with hopeful gleam in your eyes
And I want to write you this poem
For you I name the stars in the skies
And cherish the words I Love You Joel.