2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Oct 2015

I never dreamt of someone so perfect
Some woman for me to love and reflect
I wonder about the days ahead of me
When the sands of time has now seen
The light of fallen stars and tears
With Roses, Romances through years
This is all that I have seen for me
To find the true soulmate in one
Which with I can grow older with
Laugh with, Cry with and Die for
In these times I see futures all
Impossibly possible or impropable
But yet seemingly true in that one
Woman who is to me out of them all
The fairest lady yet a kind soul
Is connected to me in all ways
In a universe which we belong to
I pray upon shining beams of light
To which I hope for a time in time
From with which I can be together
In a loving portrayal of romance
To which I will a vow to only her
For which I will Love her forever
Wither we're together or not be
I dreamt of a time in which we
Were heroes, hearts beat as one
And all I will write will be
Set in stone the truest emotion
Love, A feeling so vague but yet
So pure and dangerous for emotion
Can be the symptom of a problem
But I know that I have a love
Yet true but refined like sugar
A single Rose to which I give
When timing in this life matters
For I give all myself to her
If fate would decide my destined
path that may or may not lead me
To the woman of all my dreams.