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A Poem writing about dreams, love and ever afters.

The Language of Love

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Oct 2015

Writing in a language universal to all
With which I inscribe a story I recall
A tale of two princess and one prince
For which he is enthralled between
The two cousins whom both love are
For him but where it ends up betwist
The fates of coming ages together
With only one which will be the one
Is to the older and first to met have
The interconnection and reaction
The pairing of the two in which be
A greater felt emotion than once
Knew of what could possibly be
If he chose to be with the princess
He met in the beginning of this tale
Which moment is to be priceless
A memory instilled in me by fate
To which my destiny lies in a choice
Whom to pursue and whom to write
Whom to give myself, inner soul to
The breadth of my being, my life
Good and bad for which we are two
The One from Two equals unity
For my life's path to her, my destiny
My lifeline, path to the one whose
Waiting for me to give my self to
Her as I want her and all of her
And nothing can change the past
But I will change my future for her
For myself, for the world around
And in the setting I may find a way
To be with the one for I do pray
A dreamgirl from all dreams end
Where the rainbows go to meet
Us in there in Us we are apart
Until we come together at heart
We can then become a family
A life together would know no
Bounds, no ending of emotion
Or dreams and may come true
Are these dreams of this girl
From the stories of old tales
Tales of two souls who've met
In time, In the afterlife and now
Searching for the girl with green
Eyes of beauty from which lies
A garden of beauty and eternity.