The Letter

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson15 Oct 2015

I find comfort in the fact
You Once Said I Love You
Often I find myself hopeful
For the dreams that view
Such a gift to see us there
Something they all knew
I do think you're wonderful
And that You and I Belong
I wish I was the one to ask
Your hand with you so near
But time let us slip away
I have shy'd away in fear
Hoping Ever After would Be
I knew I should have ask
For You to wait and to try
To give me chance to prove
Why you should take that leap
And to be with me forever
I will show for you my Love
I will get my act together
I want this to be the most
Beautiful moment for Us
I want to put my soul, Trust
Heart and Effort into Us
Never say Never, Say I Do
I want this from you now
I want you to say I Love You
I know You Do, This I Know
I Know You'll Save Me From
Myself but I'll be Yours
Your Everything Dream come
True, Your Clark Kent As
You're my Lois and I Belong
To You Forever After Ever.